Events FAQs

What is a WithOthers Event?

There are four pillars to a WithOthers Event. You can expect all shows to be all four.

πŸ•ΊFun: Accessible and enjoyable, through a grounding in great local live music.

❀️ Meaningful: Authentic and participatory. Real human connections around real human issues in intimate human groups.

🏘 Local: Centered on your local community. A space to meet your neighbors and belong more to the place in which you live.

🦺 Safe: All managed by a trained crew of event professionals. A welcoming space for you to get your purpose.


Events are typically <200 capacity, and are held in unique and unconventional event spaces.

What happens at a WithOthers Event?

🎢 A WithOthers show will typically feature two Artist performances, one to open the night and the other to close it. Each lineup is carefully selected to be representative of the communities in which the shows take place.

πŸ“£ During the event, a representative from the Nonprofit will usually come up and speak to the audience about who they are, what they do, what they're trying to change, and how everyone there can help. These are some of the most meaningful moments of the night, and we can't wait for you to experience them.

πŸŽ™ There will be an MC from the Crew there to introduce the show and guide the night. Say hello to them, as well as the nonprofit rep and artists!

🀫 We request that fans arrive on time for the first act and stay through the entirety of the show. Most events are BYOB, and during the sets, we ask you to refrain from talking (but sing all you like πŸ‘¨β€πŸŽ€).

❀️ Lastly, these shows are about you. Come with your mind open and your heart full. Say hi to a stranger, meet your neighbors. Change is better with others.

Why in person events?

In-person experiences change minds and inspire action. In-person interactions are 100 times more likely to evoke support than a digital impression. There's a place in the world for both, and the world would be poorer without either.

β€œHaving people show up can never be replaced – there is no more effective method to change minds than to show up and make our case.” - Planned Parenthood
What does music have to do with activism?

🎢 Music has played a vital role in social activism throughout history. In political protest and social commentary, artists have used the power of music to share critical messages, inspire action, and achieve lasting change because music changes minds. Events that contain music are significantly more likely to convert audiences into supporters.

Wait, what? BYOB?

🍻 That's right. Ain't no $15 cocktails up in here. Bring it along, crack it open and enjoy the show with the knowledge that the contents of your bank account lived to fight another day.

Are you a nonprofit?

βš–οΈ We are not a registered 501c3. At this time then your ticket purchases cannot be written off against tax. We're working to figure out how to set things up to allow that to happen. If you can help, contact us!