Community Guidelines

Community Guidelines


Last updated July 6, 2021

Hi there! 👋 WithOthers is currently in early beta, and we’re learning a lot each day. As we open up to a broader audience, we expect this document to evolve. If you have any feedback or suggestions, we’d love to hear from you.

These Community Guidelines are meant to help you better understand:

  • The principles that we think make WithOthers events special.
  • The roles that people play at WithOthers.
  • The rules we expect you to abide by as part of the WithOthers community.
  • What you can do if you come across inappropriate behavior.

Event Principles

The in-person event experience is core to who we are. A place where people can have fun, learn, make meaningful connections, and share rich experiences with others. Below are a few guiding principles that we believe are important.

  • Have fun: This is a space to relax and enjoy yourself.
  • Default to trust: Assume the best intentions of the other people around you.
  • Be respectful: This applies to every person, at all times.
  • Be open: Speak to a stranger, make a new friend.
  • Listen: Don't just speak.
  • Take part: No more sideline, lean in and participate.
  • Follow up: Purpose isn't something that happens to you, it happens because of your action. Take action after the event to support the people you connected with on the night.

Please note that these principles are intended to be high-level guidelines only. If you’re interested in knowing what can get people locked out of WithOthers, please see the Rules sections below. 🙂


Our community comes to life through our events. At each event will be an nonprofit, some artists, some crew members, a host, and a roomful of fans.

For more information on how to be successful in each of these roles check out our FAQs.

🙋‍♀️ Nonprofit

👩‍🎤 Artist

A nonprofit is supported by every event. Nonprofits will have at least one cause, and the show is based on that cause.

Every event has at least one Artist performance, often two. Artists are there because they care about the nonprofit’s cause, and they want to support it.

👷‍♀️ Crew

🏠 Host

Every event has a trained and professional crew to run the night. This includes everyone from the person you meet at the door to the person MCing the show. They're fantastic people and there to ensure you have the best experience possible.

Every event takes place in a venue, and a host runs every venue. Without these generous people, our events couldn't happen. Please respect that by being respectful of their space.

👥 Fan

Every event has up to 200 fans in the room. These are the people who bought tickets and came along to enjoy the show. But they're more than that; they're also part of the event experience itself and make the night what it is. Meet them!

General Etiquette

These are not hard and fast rules; consider them more general tips and pointers to make sure that both you and other people have the best WithOthers experience possible. 🙂

  • 🕗 Turn up on time
  • 🕙 Stay until the end
  • 🗣 Don't talk over the nonprofits, artists, or MC while they're on stage
  • 📱Put down your phone, be present, and listen
  • 🌯 If you bring food, don't stink the place out
  • 🍻 If you're going to drink alcohol, please do so in moderation


When you attend a show, you agree to abide by the following rules at all times. You also agree not to encourage others to violate these rules. The latter is taken seriously and can also result in removal from the Service.

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You must use a real name and identity.
You must be at least 18 years of age to attend a show.
You may not engage in abuse, bullying, or harassment of any person or groups of people.
You may not discriminate against, engage in hateful conduct directed at, or threaten violence or harm against any person or groups of people.
You may not upload any content that violates any intellectual property or other proprietary rights.
You may not spread false information or spam, or artificially amplify or suppress information.
You may not share or promote information (or synthetic or manipulated media) that is intended or likely to cause harm to any person or groups of people, including minors.
You may not use the platform for the purpose of conducting any unauthorized or illegal activities.

If you witness a Rules violation, please follow the instructions below to report it.

Follow these links for our Privacy Policy and Terms of Service.

And, if you have questions, feedback, or suggestions, please let us know!


Incident Reporting

We depend on the vigilance of each user to report violations of Rules. If you believe a user has violated a Rule, you can report a Trust & Safety incident. Note: Inappropriate use of the incident reporting system or intentional, false reports are against our rules and are taken seriously.

You can report an incident in 2 ways:

  • Report an incident in real time: While at the event, go speak directly to a WithOthers Crew Member. They are trained to deescalate the event if necessary at the time, and to escalate it later by filing an incident report.
  • Report a past incident: To report an incident after the event has ended, you can contact us here and submit a report.

Here’s what you should know about reporting another user for a Rule violation:

  • If you submit a report, we will not share your identity with the person you are reporting.
  • All reports that are submitted will be reviewed and investigated. The need for and type of corrective or disciplinary action needed will be determined on a case-by-case basis.
  • We seek to be fair, consistent, and responsive in addressing all reported incidents.
  • If the violation directly targeted you, we will share certain information about the process and resolution with you (e.g., the stage of investigation, any concerns that you may be at risk for immediate harm, information on how the resolution could impact you).
  • Intentional, false reports of violations are treated as a violation of the Rules.

If another user has reported you for violating a Rule, here’s what you should know:

  • If a report has been filed against you, we will contact you through your WithOthers account with information about the nature of the report. We may keep some details private in order to protect the reporting user(s). If we cannot reach you, we may restrict your account access temporarily until you can.
  • We will notify you of the result of the investigation and its potential impact to you.
  • If you believe a report has been falsely filed against you or you would like to appeal a decision, please contact us, including as much context as possible.
  • Any attempt to retaliate against users who participate in reporting or investigation is a violation.

These are examples of potential consequences for Rules violations (non-exhaustive):

  • Provide a warning for a first offense of low severity and impact
  • Request the removal of or directly remove offending content
  • Restrict the ability to attend some or all events
  • Temporarily or permanently disable or remove the account
  • Notify law enforcement when there is risk of physical harm or a threat to public safety

Consequences for confirmed violations may vary based on the type and severity of the violation, the impact to victim(s), the historical actions of the offending user, and the intent of the actions.

Legal note

Finally, please keep in mind this quick legal note on our Community Guidelines, violations, and how we may enforce them:

  • You are solely responsible for your interactions with other WithOthers users and you agree that we will have no liability or responsibility with respect to those interactions.
  • We understand that not all WithOthers users will share our views as to what constitutes a violation of these Community Guidelines. However, to operate a functional platform, we must reserve the right to determine in our sole discretion what constitutes a violation.
  • Our failure to enforce these Community Guidelines in each and every instance in which it might have application does not amount to a waiver of our rights under our Terms of Service or these Community Guidelines.
  • We reserve the right, in our sole discretion we reserve the right n, to change portions of these Community Guidelines at any time. If we do this, we will post the changes on this page, indicating that these terms were last updated at the top of this page.


We take these Community Guidelines seriously and ask that you follow them in the spirit in which they are intended. We further recognize that these guidelines must continually evolve, so please contact us with questions, suggestions, or comments here.

Thank you for reading, and for helping us build an amazing community! 🙏

Team WithOthers