Artists FAQs

Do Artists get paid?

💸 Yes! We pay all artists for performing. We believe in fairness and the right to be both recognized and (financially) rewarded for your work.

How much do Artists get paid?

💰 Opening artists receives a minimum paid the same flat fee, $400. We compare that to a fee for a support slot at a club show or house party and try to be equal or higher wherever possible. Some artists headlining a show are paid more.

💸 Headline artists sometimes receive a higher fee.

How can I perform at a show?

🎤 If you’re interested in performing, we’d love to hear from you! You signup here; then, once our team verifies your account, you’ll start getting offers to perform.

How do I check the status of my application?

⏰ You can check your status in Your Dashboard. If it's in review, we mark it as 'pending.' Check out our active cities to find out where we're currently accepting applications. If we're not in your town yet, you can still apply! We're growing this thing as fast as we can 🙂

How do you decide who gets approved?

✅ Our artist-support team reviews applications.

Does it have to be music?

💃 Definitely not! We want each show lineup to feature performers that vary in genre and sound. Some of our favorite performances have been spoken word, poetry, and even dance. We consider any and all applicable performance styles.

Will my performance be filmed?

📸 While we don't typically record performances, we do photograph them. There is a professional Photographer at every show to capture your performance. You'll get access to the photos afterward via Event Management.

Can I play more than once?

🎸 Totally! In fact, it's encouraged. As long as you've set yourself as available in your schedule, you can continue to expect new offers to perform.

Can I sell my merch?

👕 Absolutely! You keep 100% of what you make. Our Crew can help you set up. Make sure to let the MC know what you want them to mention when they introduce you.

When will I find out the location of my show?

🗺 Go to Event Management. All the details you need are there. We will add more information as it gets closer to your Event Date.

We’ll also send you a message to kick off Event Advancing. Keep an eye out; this will come 7 days out from the Event Date at the latest. This is when we connect you to your Crew for the show to get you all sorted with equipment setup.

When will I get paid?

💵 We’ll email you within 48 hours of your performance for you to claim your payment. We process payments through Stripe.

What happens if I need to cancel my show?

❌ Life happens sometimes, and you need to cancel. We hope this doesn't happen, but if it does, please do so in your event dashboard as soon as possible, so it doesn't jeopardize the event. Regular cancellations will mean you’re less likely to receive offers in the future.